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Guitar Refinishing
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Studio Hours:
Monday - Friday   9am - 5pm CST
Guitar Painting
"This is my 5th finish from you guys, and I'm still blown away by the quality and craftsmanship every time!"    -   Walker R. -  Branson, MO.

"Job well done GuitarPaintGuys.    My bass looks great!"    -   Craig T.   -   Portland, OR.
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Guitar Finishing
Q. What kind of finish do you use?
A. We use a high quality urethane base / clear finishing system.
This type of finish is durable, very easy to care for, and has an exceptional gloss.
You can have a look at several of these finishes  in our
Q. What prep work is included in your prices?
A. All standard finish prep work is included!
We take care of any existing finish, and correct any minor dings and dents.
New sealer / primer are then applied to ensure a uniform surface for your new finish.
Q. What is NOT included?
A. Structural repairs, filling routes / cavities / holes, are NOT included in our listed prices.
Any body modifications are NOT included.
Q. How should I ship my guitar or bass body to you?
A. UPS, FedEx, and USPS, are all reliable shipping providers.

Some of the above providers may be able to help with packaging if needed.

When boxing up your guitar / bass body; please allow at least 2" on all sides for proper packaging.
Q. How can I contact you?
A. Easy!     Email us at  or simply CLICK HERE.

We try to respond to all email within 24 hours.  ( During business hours: M - F 9am -5pm CST)

We are a small studio, and currently do not offer phone support.

You can also find us on Social Media:
Q. How much does it cost?    How do I place my order?
A. You can find our prices, and place your order HERE!
Q. Can I drop off or pick up my order?
A. No.    We do not have a public store front to allow this option.

This helps keep our prices much lower than our competitors.   This means Better Deals for YOU!
Q. Can you apply a new headstock logo?
A. 1. We can not / will not apply ANY unauthorized manufacturers decal or logo.


3. Read # 2 again.

This is a legal issue, not our decision.   We respect Intellectual Property Rights / Trademarks.
Q. How much Donkey Power is needed to make me a Rock Star after a new finish?
A. It depends on weather or not you can ride a Unicorn
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Q. Are there any guitars that you don't finish?
A. Right now, we don't offer finishing services for set neck / neck through guitars.
 We honestly just don't have the room at this time!

 We do not offer finishing for the Vai "Perfomance Flame" shaped bodies.
 This is due to significant structural issues with the design itself.
Axalta Paints
House of Kolor Paints
PPG Paints
Sherwin Williams Paints
Q. Why should I choose GuitarPaintGuys?
A. Because you want to be cool.    

We have over 10 years of experience, and have finished thousands of guitars for OEM Manufacturers,
Luthiers, and Individual Clients, from all 50 States.

We simply love what we do, and are passionate about every finish!

Did we mention that we also have LOWER PRICES?