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Flippin Smiley Guitar
Crash 1 Custom Order Abstract Guitar
Storm Blue Guitar
Vintage Yellow Guitar
Burgundy Mist Stratocaster
Daphne Blue Guitar
Blue Green Krazer Finish Guitar
Racing Orange Telecaster Guitar
White with Black Polka Dots Guitar
Rat Rod Finish Guitar
Black with Silve Racing Stripes Guitar
Studio Hours:
Mon - Fri    9am - 5pm CST
Crown Royal Purple Metallic Guitar
Custom Order Gravity Abstract Finish Back
Custom Order Gravity Abstract Finish Guitar
Fiesta Red Guitar
Inca Silver Bass
Lime Green Metallic Guitar
Shoreline Gold Guitar
Surf Green Guitar
Ocean Turquoise
Surf Green
Copper Metal Flake
Custom Order Crash 1 Style
Sonic Blue!
GPG Monterey Pop Style.
Storm Blue
Crossroads Time - Vintage Yellow
Burgundy Mist
Custom Order Crash 3 Style
Its not Scooby - But it IS Daphne!
Blue Green Krazer
Damn right!    We can do Polka -Dots!
Lake Placid Blue
Racing Orange
Vroooom!     Rat Rod Finish!
Custom Order Crash Style Finish
A couple of Custom Order De Martini Tribute Guitars we did.     - Not Avail.
Crown Royal Purple Metallic
Rotten Apple Red Decay Finish
Inca Silver
Custom Order "Gravity" Style Strat
Lime Green Metallic
Shoreline Gold
Royal Blue
Kameleon 5 - "Toxic Tide"
Gun Metal Metallic Guitar
Black and Silver Checker Guitar
Gun Metal Gray Metallic
Egyptian Gold Metallic Guitar
Kandy Lime Green Guitar
Magenta Pearl Guitar
Orange Firemist Metallic Guitar
Oxford Blue Guitar
Kandy Lime Green
Egyptian Gold Metallic
Magenta Pearl
Orange Firemist  Metallic
Oxford Blue
Racing Stripes
Fiesta Red
Midnight Wine Guitar
Midnight Wine!
Chrome Blue Guitar
Dakota Red Guitar
Chrome Blue
Dakota Red
Planet Green Metallic Guitar
Planet Green Metallic
Burgundy Mist Guitar
Olympic White Guitar
Sea Foam Green
Olympic White Custom
Burgundy Mist
Gold Top Gold Bass
Gold Top Gold
Grape Fire Guitar
Grape Fire
Bone White Guitar
Bone White
Daphne Blue Guitar
Daphne Blue Strat
Taos Turquoise Guitar
Taos Turquoise
Vintage Cream Guitar
Vintage Cream
Vintage Yellow Guitar
Vintage Yellow
Racing Orange Guitar
Racing Orange
Nova Orange Metallic Guitar
Nova Orange Metallic
Kandy Apple Red Guitar
Kandy Apple Red
Lime Decay Guitar
Lemon Lime Decay
Lite Teal Pearl Guitar
Lite Teal Pearl
Turquoise Guitar
Silver Decay Guitar
Marine Blue Guitar
Check out this Cool Guitar that we did for the Hawkeye Chapter  Harley- Davidson
Owners Group Cancer Research Benefit!
Silver Decay
Marine Blue
Sapphire Metallic Stipe Guitar
Sapphire Metallic Stripe
Neon Magenta Guitar
Neon Magenta
Torino Red Guitar
Torino Red
Lake Placid Blue Bass
Lake Placid Blue ( Day light )
Autumn Frost Metallic Guitar
Autumn Frost Metallic
Pavo Purple Metallic Guitar
Pavo Purple Metallic
Yep.    Comp Stripes Too!
Pin Stripe Guitar
Rockin' the Pin Stripes!
GuitarPaintGuys Serpent
Blue Weap Banshee Guitar
GPG Banshee  - Blue "Weap" Finish
Isoceles Guitar
GPG Isosceles Finish
GPG Serpent Custom
Mirage Finish Guitar
Mirage Finish
Emerald Green Guitar
Off to see the Wizard!  - Emerald Green!
Ice Blue Metallic Guitar
Ice Blue Metallic
Kandy Tangerine Guitar
Kandy Tangerine
Sherwood Green Guitar
Sherwood Green
Sublime Green Guitar
Sublime Green
Sonic Blue Guitar
Orangy Yellow Custom Guitar
Gecko Green Bass
Gecko Green
Red / Silver / Blue Metal Flake Tele
Black J Bass
Gloss Black
Olympic White Stratocaster Guitar
Olympic White
Royal Blue Metallic
Kryptonite Green Metallic Guitar
Kryptonite Green Metallic
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GuitarPaintGuys Guitar Painting
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Kandy Apple Red
Kandy Apple Red Fender Strat
Green Swirl Custom
Ocean Turquoise Bass
Copper Sparkle Metal Flake Fender Jazz Bass
GPG Monterey Pop Style
Custom Order Crash 3 Style Abstract Guitar FInish
Lake Placid Blue Fender J Bass
Custom Order Crash 2 Abstract Style Finish
Kameleon 5 - Toxic Tide Bass
Pink Pearl Guitar
Pink Pearl
Smooth Tiger - Kandy Diablo Red
Beatnik Purple Metal Flake
Silver Holoflake Bass
Silver HoloFlake
Royal Blue Metallic Strat
Sea Foam Green Fano Style Guitar
Root Beer Decay Finish Guitar
Root Beer Decay
Rotten Apple Red Decay Finish
Firemist Charcoal Metallic Guitar
Firemist Charcoal Metallic
Chrome Yellow racing Stripes Warmoth Guitar Body
Chrome Yellow with Racing Stripes
Orange Crush Pearl Tiger Stripes Finish Warmoth Bass
Orange Crush Pearl Tiger
Milano Maroon Firemist Metallic Bass
Milano Maroon Firemist Metallic
Royal Blue Fender Stratocaster
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You Tube Logo
Beatnik Purple Metal Flake Guitar
Kandy Diablo Red Smooth Tiger Stripe Guitar Finish
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