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Silver Weap Finish
Orange FiremistMetallic
Sea Foam Green
Emerald Pearl
True Blue Pearl
Lake Violet Pearl
Wow!   The new finish is great.   Thanks GuitarPaintGuys!     -   Eugene D.    -   Portland, OR

My old bass looks like a million bucks now!     -    Casey R.   -   Concord, NH
Silver WEAP Finish Guitar
Orange Firemist Metallic Guitar
Sea Foam Green Guitar
Emerald Pearl Guitar
True Blue Pearl Guitar
Kandy Wildberry Metal Flake Guitar
Kandy Wild Berry Metal Flake
Lake Violet Pearl Bass
Kandy Orange Glow Guitar
Kandy Orange Glow
Shell Pink Bass
Shell Pink
Orange Frost Metallic Bass
Orange Frost Metallic
Kandy Root Beer Bass
Kandy Root Beer
Surf Green Bass
Surf Green
Pewter Metallic Guitar
Pewter Metallic
Snow White Pearl Guitar
Snow White Pearl
Goober Green Decay Guitar
Goober Green Decay
Charcoal Frost Metallic Guitar
Charcoal Frost Metallic
Isosceles Finish Guitar
GPG Isosceles Finish
Ocean Turquoise Jazz Bass
Ocean Turquoise
Kameleon 2 - "Storm Surge"
Hot Rod Red Black Pearl Fade Guitar
Hot Rod Red / Black Pearl Fade
Cherry Pearl Guitar
Cherry Pearl
Crown Royal Purple Metallic BC Rich Mockingbird
Crown Royal Purple Metallic
Ocean Deep Decay Schecter
Ocean Deep Decay
Aztec Gold Precision Bass
Aztec Gold Metallic
Kandy Burple Ibanez
Kandy Burple
Kameleon 2 Storm Surge Guitar
Midnight Wine P Bass
Midnight Wine
Pelham Blue Telebird
Pelham Blue
Buck Owens Style Twins - Red Blue Silver Metal Flake Strat and Tele
Twins!  Buck Owens Style!
Burnt Orange Decay
Kameleon 8 - "Tokyo Drift"
Sherwood Green
Burnt Orange Decay Paul Reed Smith PRS
Kameleon 8 Tokyo Drift Guitar
Sherwood Green Telecaster
Fiesta Red
Kandy Purple
Burgundy Mist
Fiesta Red Bass
Kandy Purple Ibanez
Grape Decay V
Burgundy Mist Fender Stratocaster
Grape Decay
Chrome Yellow Tiger Guitar
Magenta Pearl
Chrome Yellow Tiger
Majik Blue Pearl Guitar
Gloss Black Ibanez
Gloss Black
Surf Green Strat
Kandy Tangerine Fender
Kandy Tangerine
Surf Green
Majik Blue Pearl
Magenta Pearl Bass
Road Flare Red Neon
Shoreline Gold
Gun Metal Metallic
Road Flare Red Neon Ibanez RG
Shoreline Gold Guitar
Gun Metal Metallic Ibanez Roadstar
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Purple Haze Decay
Speed Green Tiger
Plum Crazy
Speed Green Tiger Kubicki Guitar
Purple Haze Decay Ibanez Jem
Plum Crazy Mustang
Kameleon 7 - "Hole Shot"
Kandy Apple Red
Rotten Apple Red Decay
Kandy Apple Red Strat
Kameleon 7 Hole Shot Ibanez RG
Rotten Apple Red Decay Guitar
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Sunburst Orange Metallic
Sage Green Metallic
Highland Green Metallic
Sage Green Metallic Guitar
Sunburst Orange Metallic Bass
Highland Green Metallic Tele
Hot Pink Pearl
Synergy Green Metallic
American Special Finish
Synergy Green Metallic Guitar
American Special Jackson
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Black Cherry Pearl Warmoth Guitar
Dakota Red Custom Bass
Hot Pink Pearl Guitar
Pelham Blue Bass
Charcoal Frost Metallic Strat
Dakota Red
Black Cherry Pearl
Charcoal Frost Metallic
Pelham Blue
Lavender Frost Metallic Ibanez Guitar Finish
Passion Pearl Fender Guitar Finishing
Passion Pearl
Lavender Frost Metallic