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**All sales are final - No refunds or returns on all Mistint, Overstock, Etc. Finishes.
**Offers good on available sale colors and  New Orders Only, within the USA.
**Good for standard size guitar / bass bodies with no binding.
**In order to offer you this crazy low price, we ask that you be patient while we complete your finish.
**Turn around time for this sale is "open ended," and we will complete all orders as quickly as possible.
A purchase does mean that you accept these terms!
Mis-tint, Overstock, Etc, Sale Colors
Color Samples are for illustrative purposes only.   Actual color may vary slightly from your monitor.
Sea Foam Green
Metallic Silver
Synergy Green Metallic
Electric Current Red
Bourbon Metallic
Deep Fire Red Metallic
Melted Pink Decay
Titanium Silver Pearl
Storm Blue
Silver Decay Telecaster
Silver Decay
Planet Green Metallic
Gun Metal Gray Metallic
Kryptonite Green Metallic
Fiesta Red
Shoreline Gold
Plum Crazy
Vintage Wine Metallic
Black Diamond Metallic
Kandy Apple Red
Inca Silver
Speed Purple
Speed Purple
Marine Blue
Sunburst Orange Metallic
Titanium Silver Pearl
Gold Top Gold
Blue Pearl
Power Blue
Power Blue
Speed Blue
Speed Blue
Ocean Turquoise
Vexing Violet Kandy
Chronic Green Pearl
Burgundy Mist
Kandy Lime Gold
Sherwood Green
Kandy Lime Gold
Shrewood Green Guitar
Limited Quantities Available on this sale!   Offer applies to available sale colors only.
Don't Wait! - When we run out of a color- it's gone!  
Bright Sapphire Metallic
Bright Sapphire Metallic
Kandy Burple
Lido Lavender
American Special
Bullitt Green
Emerald Green
Neon Red
Aztec Gold
Charcoal Frost Metallic
Black Pearl
Copper Red Metallic
Studio Hours:
Mon - Fri      9am - 5pm CST
Sea Foam Green Guitar
Burgundy Mist Guitar
Ocean Turquoise Bass
Inca Silver Bass
Shoreline Gold Guitar
Fiesta Red Bass
Lido Lavender Guitar
Synergy Green Metallic
Planet Green Metallic Guitar
Copper Red Metallic
Taos Turquoise
Torino Red
Kandy Grape Jelly
Magenta Pearl
Royal Blue Metallic
Kandy Grape Jelly
Champagne Metallic
Army Jeep Green  - Limited Stock
Kandy Tangerine
Electric Current Red Bass
Fire Red Metallic Bass
Gun Metal Metallic Guitar
Storm Blue Guitar Paint
Black Diamond Metallic Guitar
Vintage Wine Metallic Bass
Green Guitar
Chronic Green Pearl Bass
Neon Red Guitar
Black Pearl Guitar
Stratto Blue Metallic
American Special Guitar
Melted Pink Decay
Dark Meteor Maroon Metallic
Dark Shoreline Gold
Azzure Blue
Dark Meteor Maroon Metallic
Azzure Blue
Neptune Blue Firemist Metallic
Wolven Black Decay
Panther Pink
Panther Pink Tele
Gold Top Gold PRS
Blue Pearl
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Bullitt Green
Magenta Pearl Warmoth Bass
Kandy Apple Red Fender Stratocaster Guitar Paint
Kryptonite Green Metallic Guitar Finish
Sunburst Orange Metallic Bass Finish
Stratto Blue Metallic Bass Body
Taos Turquoise Fender Strat Finish
Torino Red Fender Stratocaster Paint Job
Royal Blue Metallic Fender Strat Paint Job
Champagne Metallic Guitar Finishing
Kandy Tangerine Guitar Finish
Army Jeep Green Bass Finish
Neptune Blue Firemist Metallic Strat Guitar
Vexing Violet Kandy Guitar Finish
Wolven Black Decay Guitar Paint
Rotten Apple Red Decay
BLOO-PURRR Guitar Finish
Rotten Apple Red Decay Guitar Finish
Bourbon Metallic Bass Finish