Kandy Color Chart
**Available Colors**
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** Color Samples are for illustrative purposes only.   Actual color may vary slightly from your monitor.
Kandy Colors
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Kandy Apple Red
Kandy Cobalt Blue
Kandy Mean Green
Kandy Black Cherry
Kandy Diablo Red
Kandy Electric Blue
Kandy Lime
Kandy Root Beer
Kandy Fire Orange
Kandy Orange Glow
Kandy Grape Jelly
Kandy Hawaiian Blue
Kandy Lime Gold
Kandy Copper
Kandy Mayan Gold
Kandy Aztec Gold
Kandy Deep Purple
Kandy Wild Berry
Kandy Brandywine
Kandy Burgundy
Kandy Burple
Kandy Dark Ale
Kandy Limon
Kandy Deep Red
Kandy Deep Cobalt Blue
Kandy Magenta
Kandy Pagan Gold
Kandy Oriental Blue
Kandy Organic Green
Kandy Tangerine
Kandy Spanish Gold
Kandy Purple
Kandy Wild Cherry
Kandy Teal